www.4hirebodyguard.com.my - Your One Stop Bodyguard Service Provider.

Jack Yin - Close Protection Instructor trained in Mexico City, Mexico - (one of the world's most dangerous place working as a Bodyguard.) trained by RISK INCORPORATED, USA.

We see the need for well trained Bodyguard to serve the local market with local emerging market for Male and Female Close Protection Officers. This is why we have tailored Bodyguard courses for those interested in this field of work to enhance their professionalism and self esteem.  Visit our affiliate site www.4hirebodyguard.com.

We provide armed and unarmed Bodyguard, Male/Female Close Protection Officers, short and long term assignment, high value goods escort, VIP protection, events security, clubbing Bodyguard escort, high value goods in transit escort, personal Bodyguard, driver, limo service for Airport pickup/drop off, Day  trip tourist escort, Birthday parties, Bereavement security, kidnap/recovery & investigation service ect.......

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